Beyond the Notes Conference


Save the Dates • February 8-11, 2012 • Madison, Wisconsin

NC ACDA’s 2012 conference may be the most practical and inspirational ever, so plan now to be in Madison for four days of stellar music-making, learning, and connecting with choral colleagues.

Beyond the Notes is all about the process of music-making. All aspects of the conference are designed to help choral conductors/teachers increase the richness of their work with singers. Sessions will focus on ways to engage singers’ imaginations, to develop artistry in ways that connect mind, body, and spirit, to build choral programs, not just concerts. If you’re eager to have a more stimulating daily experience with your singers and lead them to become independent musicians who do more than learn their part for 42 tunes and then leave, you’ll love Beyond the Notes. 

The conference begins on Wednesday, February 8, with Immersion Day: a day focused on the sequential teaching of musical literacy, with special emphasis on the development of tone and expressivity, as well as a high level of engagement on the part of students. 

Throughout the conference you’ll not only hear inspiring performances (all in the stunning Overture Center), but also learn from inspiring master clinicians, most of whom teach in the North Central Division’s elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools and lead church and community choirs throughout the region. If you’re eager to help your singers read better, sound better, sing with greater artistry, connect their musical “doing” with their musical thinking and feeling, value the role music plays in their lives and in the lives of our communities and culture, go deeper in their skill, knowledge, and affective experiences, Beyond the Notes is for you.

As our website develops, you’ll find all the information you’ll need for honor choir and choral audition applications, registration, housing, and the overall conference schedule.

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